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Pure Peptan® (The world’s leading collagen brand) Type I Bovine Collagen peptides / hydrolysed collagen.

No fillers, no sweeteners, no flavourings. Flavourless and odourless, so you can use it in your coffee, smoothie, baking or add it to your food to boost your health. It contains ZERO additives, bulking agents, preservatives, gluten, hormone, GMO and lactose.

Skin improvement with collagen:

Clinical trials on skin with Peptan showed:

  • Improvement in wrinkles around the eyes by 13%.
  • Improved skin elasticity for younger looking skin by 31%.
  • Improved skin hydration for less wrinkles by 28%.
Hair improvement with collagen

Clinical trials on hair with Peptan collagen showed:

  • Increase in hair strength by 13%.
  • Improved overall hair quality by 67%.
Sports recovery with collagen

Collagen also improved sports recovery.

  • Muscle recovery improved by 20%.
  • Muscle soreness was reduced by 20%.
Collagen and the effects of ageing

Collagen can help you stay active and with happier joints for longer.

  • Improved joint functionality by 22%.
  • Decreased joint discomfort by 32%.
  • Improved flexibilty by 44%.
With Peptan® you can count on solid scientific evidence. It has multiple proven health benefits.Peptan has gained worldwide recognition due to the substantial scientific evidence that backs it up. Our product’s efficacy in providing key health and beauty benefits has been demonstrated in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies and results have been published in leading scientific journals. Peptan is a unique ingredient solution with multiple proven health benefits to support overall mobility. By boosting the collagen content of the skin for a more youthful appearance, Peptan can keep you feeling and looking good.

Peptan simultaneously promotes all the connective tissues of healthy agers by stimulating local cells in the target tissues to produce more collagen and other key matrix components. A wide range of studies has demonstrated its benefits for healthy joints2,3 and strong bones4,5,6,7. Collagen peptides also support lean muscle mass and strength8.


Joint and bone healthcare is gaining recognition as a vital part of an active and sports-oriented lifestyle and also as a way of maintaining mobility at an older age. This trend offers dietary supplement manufacturers excellent opportunities. Peptan has been proven to improve joint function and flexibility2,3 and to maintain bone health4,5,6,7 – crucial benefits for those who wish to maintain an active lifestyle.


Proteins deliver numerous health benefits. Specific bioactive proteins – collagen peptides in particular – can offer benefits beyond muscle building. These include improving athletic performance9,10, protecting connective tissues10,11,12, supporting healthy joint maintenance2,3 and helping to reduce the risk of injury13.Beauty: Peptan reverses skin aging from within


Peptan’s multiple anti-aging benefits are well-documented.
In several clinical studies14,15 visible effects have been demonstrated after just one month of use. Peptan can counteract the effects of aging and promote a more youthful appearance by boosting and restructuring the skin’s collagen network from within. By stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid, Peptan also offers skin hydration benefits.



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