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AG1 vs The Daily Shake in South Africa

AG1, which used to be called Athletic Greens, is a great product for getting all your nutrients in one place. But could it be better? The Daily Shake was created on a similar philosophy, but with a few key differences.


The price

AG1 costs around R3 000 in South Africa, if you can get it! The Daily Shake is R899 on subscription.

The taste

AG1 is not known for its great flavour. It is often described as chalky. The Daily Shake naturally tastes like chocolate, from it’s organic cocoa powder.

The ingredients

What’s inside is the important bit. How do they compare?

  • Collagen. The Daily Shake Ready-to-Drink includes collagen which AG1 does not have collagen. So if you want healthy skin, hair and nails, you would have to add collagen as well.
  • Amino acids. The Daily Shake has added amino acids that AG1 does not have amino acids. The amino acid profile is anti ageing, stimulating HGH (Human growth hormone) production in the body and lowering inflammation.
  • Vitamins and minerals. The Daily Shake and AG1 both have a comprehensive vitamin and mineral profile, essential for hundreds of functions in the body.
  • Pre- and probiotics. The Daily Shake and AG1 both have prebiotics and probiotics in them, helping to give you a healthy gut.
  • Enzymes. The Daily Shake and AG1 both have digestive enzymes, necessary to digest your food. The Daily Shake has 5 different kinds for different foods, while AG1 has 1 kind.
  • Medicinal mushrooms. Both have medicinal mushrooms. The Daily Shake has Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, know for vitality and mental focus. AG1 has Reishi and Shiitake.
  • Adaptogens and antioxidants. Both have grape seed and green tea extracts, as well as milk thistle for healthy antioxidant protection and healthy liver.

The verdict?

The Daily Shake has a more rounded ingredient list and tastes like chocolate, so we feel it is more versatile. You can drink it straight with water, mix it into a smoothie, sprinkle it on your breakfast, or even put it in your coffee, without making it taste like grass.

And, it’s much more cost effective. We think you should give it a try.