“I keep buying supplements and end up throwing them away”

Do you FEEL your supplements working?

Stop wasting time and money on supplements that don’t make a real difference.

Actually feel your supplements working with The Daily Shake.

Getting enough of the nutrients you need, will make you FEEL different.

– Give that taxi a shrug instead of the finger.
– Remember why you went to the kitchen.
– Feel motivated to put down your phone and get stuff done.
– Have the energy to spend time with your kids.
– Sleep better and feel more refreshed.

You’ll feel it.

If you are already taking supplements, you may be wasting your money. This is why…

  • Capsules and tablets just don’t give you enough of the good stuff. You would need 60 capsules to get as much as you get in your Daily Shake.
  • The Daily Shake is more cost effective. Buying everything individually would cost around 5 times as much.
  • The Daily Shake tastes like chocolate milkshake. No green grass or fishy flavours.
  • The Daily Shake gives you more, but not too much. Science is constantly increasing their understanding of the body’s needs. We use the latest studies to back our formulas.

But what do I know? I was raised in a natural first household. I’ve been to the doctor once in my life to have my hand stitched up after an accident. The only pharmaceuticals I’ve taken are aspirin. So I’ve taken supplements all my life. I made supplements in capsules for 20 years.

And then one day, I got sick of taking 18 capsules twice a day every day. I knew they were helping my health, but I wanted to feel it now. I didn’t just want better joints when I’m 60 and to look back on the year and be glad I didn’t catch flu.

I found new ingredients that acted faster, like amino acids. But I’d just be adding more capsules to my day. And so the Daily Shake was born. And adjusted. And improved. And stuff taken out. And other stuff added. To finally offer you, Version 1.

I stopped opening bottles, counting capsules, taking 5 minutes to swallow them all, hoping they didn’t get stuck in my throat. Instead I take 2 scoops of Daily Shake, mix it in water, and actually enjoy taking my supplements. And now, I can actually feel it working every day.

The martini glass may be unnecessary, but it’s fun.

How good is The Daily Shake? I stand behind it 100%. And if you disagree, I have a 60 day money back guarantee.

To get everything in The Daily Shake from a health store would cost R4 794!

Get 1 month’s Daily Shake for R 999
Get 2 month’s Daily Shake for R 1799
Get 3 month’s Daily Shake for R 2399

Upgrade your supplements now


Is it sugar free?

It has sugar. What? Alternative sweeteners have a little too many issues. Alcohol sugars such as erythritol, xylitol and manitol can distress your digestion. Aspartame can cause cancer. And monk fruit is 10 times as expensive. Sugar only becomes a problem when it’s used everywhere on everything. And you don’t live like that, right?

Do I need to take anything else?

At the moment, we haven’t found a great Omega supplier, so we would suggest adding Omega oils to your regimen.

How long is shipping?
Free shipping is economy with The Courier Guy, expect delivery in 3-4 days for major centres.
Overnight shipping is extra, but orders placed before 11am will get sent the same day.

Is it vegan?
Nope. It has collagen in it.

What if I don’t like the flavour?
We’ve kept the sugar to a minimum to taste like dark chocolate. But you can add a bit more sweetener of your choice. Or put it in your favourite kind of milk. Or add it to a smoothie. But it definitely won’t taste like grass.

We are continually improving, so we manufacture in small runs. Don’t delay and miss out.

For a limited time, we want your feedback! Tell us if there is an ingredient you want added, or a tweak you can make to suit you. Make the your Daily Shake, your Great Shake.

Get all your supplements in one shake. Collagen, 8 amino acids, 2 mushrooms, 9 vitamins, 5 enzymes, 120 million probiotics, prebiotic, 3 minerals and herbs all in a delicious drink. Packed in 30 day supply.